Take Back Our Routes

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Interim Executive Director of Take Back Our Routes

Managing Director of Ghana Ocean Racing

Mr. Darden is a native of North Carolina whom comes from a long lineage of humanitarians and environmentalists. They have committed their lives to the betterment of humanity and he is determined to continue his family's legacy while also pursuing his passion.

He co-founded the energy news service, Enercast and after his climate research work at Los Alamos National Laboratory, he founded a mesoscale weather forecasting firm. He has lead sustainable development and mineral exploration projects in Africa.

Mr. Hevi co-founded a UK-based Junior Mining Company and has lead sustainable development and exploration projects across Africa including Ghana, DR Congo, Liberia, and Guinea. He previously worked for a leading NGO on the Ghana Sustainable Change Project.


Director of Take Back Our Routes 

President, Ghana Monohull Open Classes Association

Co-Skipper & Founder of Ghana Ocean Racing


Director of Take Back Our Routes 

Founding Chair, Ghana Monohull Open Classes Association
Co-Skipper & Founder of Ghana Ocean Racing

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Prior to joining Team Ghana, he attended both North Carolina State University and the University of Colorado. In the past he has worked as a therapist for the Harm Reduction Therapy Institute and also has extensive experience in the sales and marketing fields at Renewable Choice Energy.

As the President of the Ghana Monohull Open Classes Association, Mr. Hevi sought and received official approval from Ghana’s National Sports Authority. He studied Health Administration at Nkrumah University of Science & Technology.

Mr. Ameko's vision is to develop the sport of sailing in Africa and to fulfill the dream of becoming the first African to sail around the world. He attended the Albuquerque Academy and the University of Colorado at Boulder where he studied geoscience and business.

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